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Erin + Rush | a couples session in downtown Durham

I. Love. This. Couple. Erin and Rush, beyond being total lookers and a breeze to photograph, are kind and sweet. They love each other, they have fun together, and have that charming combination of being comfortable with one another and yet head-over-heals for the other. These two Durhamites are some of our favorites, and we are SO HAPPY to share some photos from our time together in the Bull City. Enjoy!

Mary + Tommy | an engagement session at the Eno River Rock Quarry

On a comfortably-mild April evening, I joined Mary and Tommy on a beautiful hike to the Eno River Rock Quarry. The sun was setting as we trekked along, offering us some glowy light through the trees and soft reflections on the water. The two are both so sweet and kind and a pleasure to photograph. I hope you enjoy this little taste of their engagement session.

Side note: how much does Mary look like Lady Mary of Downton Abbey?

Enuma Okoro, part 1 | a downtown Durham portrait session

I am grateful to share the first set of images of a two part portrait session with Enuma Okoro. Enuma is a writer, spiritual director and speaker. She is the author of Reluctant Pilgrim and co-other of Common Prayer: a Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals, writes for her blog Patheos among other online publications (including Christianity Today, Faith & Leadership, The Huffington Post, and ABC News to name a few), and her forthcoming book, Silence, is scheduled to be released this fall.

Born in the United States and raised in Nigeria, Ivory Coast and England, Enuma has seen the world, been invested in the lives of others, and because of it, has ministered to many with both her writing and her time. As I have gotten to know her, I have learned that Enuma embodies a delicate and admirable balance of being both serious and playful, discerning yet spontaneous, committed to relationships yet somehow friends with so many. I hope that these photographs relay her spirit: kind, jovial, expressive and pensive. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with her as both a colleague and a friend.

Also, it should be mentioned that Enuma is spending a month in Paris in the spring for work (aka she’s being paid to GO TO PARIS FOR A MONTH IN THE SPRING!). Yeah, I’m not jealous at all…

…ok. I am totally jealous and really, really, really, really upset that there is no budget in the trip for photography. All I want to do is drink wine, eat baguettes and cheese, and follow Enuma around. Oh, and take pictures.

To see more of Enuma’s session, feel free to visit her extended set.

Haley + Scott | a downtown Durham engagement session

Two weeks ago, Matt and I, along with my favorite friends who I affectionately refer to as “the buddies,” drove 10 hours to Carmel, IN to be present for the engagement celebration of our dear friend Scott and his well-loved girlfriend, Haley. After his proposal, Scott brought Haley to her sister’s house for a “quiet celebration” but instead was greeted with a house full of happy people in support and affection for the soon-to-be husband and wife.

Gratefully, Haley was able to spend the week with us all in Durham. This couple is very, very dear to our hearts so to be able to spend an afternoon with them while taking their photographs was a treat to say the least. The thing I love the most about these pictures is how comfortable and effortless the two are together.

Haley and Scott, we couldn’t be happier for you. Thanks for letting us be apart of your life together.

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The Ewings + Finn | a family session in downtown Durham

On a super duper chilly morning, The Ewings and their playful pup Finn joined me in downtown Durham for a sweet little family shoot. Though we were frozen and dressed inappropriately for windy 30-something Fahrenheit, the two were able to cozy up with one another while I took photos in between my trying-to-stay-warm-hops. But seriously, how cute is Finn? He’s such a fluffy rascal!

Baby Sofiya | a newborn session in Durham, NC

I was so grateful I was able to photograph Dave and Laura’s little one in her first days. Baby Sofiya is so beautiful and sweet and cared for deeply by her community. One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is seeing grown men hold itty bitty people. We couldn’t be more happy for these two and the arrival of their little one.

To see more of sweet baby Sofiya, feel free to browse her extended set.

Julia O’Grady | an editorial portrait session in Chapel Hill, NC

Julia O’Grady is a doctoral student at UNC Chapel Hill. Currently, she is working on a piece regarding the concept of time that is due to be published this year. These editorial portraits will be used in her book once completed. We’re grateful to play a small role in this exciting journey for Julia!